Intellectual Property Management
Protecting New Ideas, Innovations and Inventions.

Success in bringing a new idea to life and to market may depend on how well you protect your innovation or discovery as much as its performance.

Protecting your intellectual property begins with understanding your options inside and outside Rensselaer and the many resources available to you.

The Office of E*ntrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Office of Technology Commercialization, has assembled a set of videos, tips and tools that will help students and researchers in develop a plan.

An Interview with Chuck Carletta
Chuck Carletta

An video discussion with Rensselaer’s General Counsel on intellectual property and how students should use the Institute’s policies and resources to protect and develop their ideas.

Full Interview

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Protecting Your Big Idea
Panel Discussion
A Video Panel Discussion.

An informative expert video panel discussion on managing intellectual property.

George Jakobsche ’74, patent attorney.

Charles Carletta‚ Secretary of the Institute and RPI General Counsel

Ron Kudla‚ Executive Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, RPI

Rob Chernow‚ Vice Provost for E*ntrepreneurship‚ RPI

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U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Patents Trademark
New patent reform legislation enacted -- most significant change in nearly 60 years.

The America Invents Act is designed to overhaul the patent system and speed the process. The most notable change is that effective March 16, 2013 patents will be issued on a First Inventor to File basis rather than the former First to Invent basis. For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, visit:

Informative Videos from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Eleven video mini–lectures featuring USPTO staff discussing key points to know about intellectual property protections – patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks.

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To view more USPTO videos, visit:
Keep Your idea as Yours
My Big Idea
Tips for Keeping a Research Notebook

Documenting your idea, its originality, details, data and how it developed may be crucial if you have to defend, validate and protect the idea as your intellectual property.

There are several key tips that can help you get started in keeping a research notebook that can become the evidence that protects your work.

Research Notebook Tips

Patent basics and Glossary of IP Terms

A basic guide to patents and their requirements and a guide to key IP terms written in simple language and provided courtesy of Rensselaer alumnus, George Jakobsche ’74, Patent Attorney, Sunstein Kahn Murphy & Timbers LLP, 125 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110,


How to Do Your Own Patent Search

The Folsom Library offers several presentations and resources to assist in understanding and searching patents.

Rensselaer Libraries Guide to Patent Searching