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THE CHANGE THE WORLD CHALLENGE is a twice yearly contest to develop innovative, technological ideas with the potential of changing the world. The Challenge is open to all RPI students, but interdisciplinary team submissions are particularly encouraged.

Rock The World is a once a year event conducted as an integral part of the incoming freshman class Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond event in August. Students receive an early introduction to E*ntrepreneurship at Rensselaer, recent entrepreneurial graduates and the program's schedule for the year.

The Class of ’51 Competition encourages undergraduate and graduate students to submit entrepreneurial ideas and awards early development grants each year to individuals or teams who compete and win the competition.

Change the World Challenge 2011-2012 Winners Video Interviews
I Vital IV  Watch Video
II  Watch Video
III Portable Water Filtration System  Watch Video
IV Vistex Composites  Watch Video
V Adept Advancements – 2012 Best–of–the–Best Winner  Watch Video
VI Asthma Relief App  Watch Video
VII Sana Medication Management  Watch Video
VIII MediBand  Watch Video
IX eMedInfo  Watch Video
X Dripdrop Bacterial and Chemical Detection System  Watch Video
XI Soldiers & Strays  Watch Video
XII U-Health Stroke App  Watch Video
Change the World Challenge 2010-2011 Winners Video Interviews
I FreeForm Paper Recycling  Watch Video
II Bee Warm Insulation  Watch Video
III WindMec Energy System  Watch Video
IV L.I.M.B. Intelligent Prosthetic Hand  Watch Video
V PRESERV Medical Storage Unit  Watch Video
VI Ad–Mirror–Able Recovery  Watch Video
VII FilterLight  Watch Video
VIII Quality Life Through Quality Light  Watch Video
IX The Braillator  Watch Video
X ECO–Pack Cigarette Disposal  Watch Video
XI Collegiate Stress Visualization and Prevention App  Watch Video
XII H2GO Collapsible Water Bottle  Watch Video
Change the World Challenge 2009-2010 Winners Video Interviews
I Desalination System  Watch Video
II High Altitude Wind Capture  Watch Video
III Bio-Ethanol Fuel Cell System for Food Waste  Watch Video
IV Thermomitter Digital Temprature Mitt  Watch Video
V Exercise Measurement Wrist Band  Watch Video
VI Sustain-a-PET Manufacturing System  Watch Video
VII InfiniPad Portable Digital Notepad  Watch Video
VIII Canestand Canes and Docking Stations  Watch Video
Change the World Challenge Spring 2007 Student Presentations
I Highlights of Student Presentations from the Spring 2007 Winners Forum.  Watch Video
Change the World Challenge 2008 - 2009 Student Interviews
I Brain Saver Rescue Device  Watch Video
II Dew Collection System  Watch Video
III Ecolizer Exhaust System  Watch Video
IV Fire Suppression System  Watch Video
V Food Waste/ Hot Water Generator  Watch Video
VI Forward Osmosis  Watch Video
VII Freebeam - Fall Monitor for the Elderly  Watch Video
VIII inSUN Insulation System  Watch Video
IX Shower Saver - Greywater Recycling  Watch Video
X SmartGrid Power Strip  Watch Video
XI Solar Powered Autonomous Landmine Detector  Watch Video
Class of ’51 - Winners’ Interviews
I Winners’ Video Interviews Watch Video Watch Video
Elevator Pitch Competition
I April 2010 Finals Event - Winners’ Videos. Watch Video Watch Video
Rock the World Events
I 2006 Event News Clips Watch Video Watch Video
II August 2007 Event featuring Rensselaer alumni entrepreneurs
from Vicarious Visions, Web Scribble and Ecovative Design
Watch Video Watch Video