2010 Best–of–the–Best Award – Sustain–a–PET Manufacturing System.

A special $5,000 grant has been created to help accelerate traction for the 2010 Change The World Challenge team that demonstrates a strong commitment and clear progress in pursuing their idea to commercialization.

The Sustain-a-Pet team was awarded the winning grant based on their progress to date combined with their proposal on how the grant would be used to advance development of their idea. The team's planned approach to applying the award dollars for further product and process design, materials, customer contact and creation of new samples for marketing was the most comprehensive submitted.

In addition to their Change The World Challenge successes, the Sustain-a-PET team has placed in the Class of '51 Idea Competition, the Tech Valley Business Plan Competition and won first place in the ASME Student Manufacturing Design Competition. They have also published peer-reviewed papers and have applied for a provisional patent.

The market for stuffed animals is large and ranges from small children to adults. Christina Laskowski, Todd Snelson, and Eric Peterson have applied manufacturing sustainability practices to the plush stuffed animal market and have demonstrated the ability to manufacture environmentally safe stuffed animals on large scale with reduced labor.